Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Young and Ruthless

Gathering from garbage, treasures, little artefacts, collecting tiny morsels of survival, dredges of life.

Offices overflowing with ruthless ambition. It’s a tough world out there.

The youth of Pakistan are brave, vibrant , hopeful.

After all we’ve been through, the constant bad press, the depressing media coverages, we’ve taken all in our stride and moved on. But when everyday becomes a struggle for survival, what then, is ambition, how then do u describe living to the fullest? What meaning does life hold then?

What drives us is our will. There really is enough discouragement around: long spells of all encompassing darkness, unbearable heat, sinister politics. Yet for us, there’s opportunity all around. We’ve grown up hearing that no one respects talent, that Pakistan is a failed nation. But we believe in ourselves. We create opportunities.

But through the dark alleys where murderers and robbers roam at large, through the dark corners where suicide bombers breed and flourish, through the unending bleakness, we shall rise. We’re dreamers, we don’t lose.

If you would only just believe in us enough.

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