Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Round my neck,
from time to time, there was the hallucination
of a noose, and now and then, the weight
of chains binding my feet.

There’s a certain charm in randomly running across things, events uncalled for, in stumbling upon ideas and figments of real life you never knew existed, in realizing how much you want things you never thought you needed.

The excesses in our lives, when we don’t know when and where to stop, or when we just let go because holding back becomes a huge and heavy burden, an inconceivable liability, destructive, painful, inhibitive.

To some extent it all comes down to personal space and how much you can let others in and interfere and inhabit your life- ‘your life when they live you’ the fragile physical frame of existence yours, the solid meaningful bit privy to rules set by others, just a puppet maneuvered by the harsh strings of a world ridden with misery and corruption.

In one country, one city, one place, one culture, there exists an assortment of lives- a wealth of ideas, beliefs, interests, talents and perceptions. For each there exists an individual set of problems. But there’s always an all encompassing set which transcends through the borders of class and status- there’ll always be power outages, unruly corruption, bureaucracy, distasteful proclamations and sermons, violence on the streets, in our homes.

No matter how many walls you build around you, they'll trickle down to you sooner or later.

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