Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pieces of a Jigsaw Puzzle

Star spangled glory. And mist. Looking out through fogged up glasses, two different worlds. Or the same.

Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, we fit into where we belong. Eventually.

Is it a good thing, or is it bad?

Or is it one of those things which is neither good nor bad, which just happens, which just Is.

It’s like floating. Then beating hard to keep alive, the thrust of the storm, the violent, fierce force compelling you to push against it to beat it, till either one of you, dies. Because in games there are either winners or losers. Depends on what your definition of losing is. It is that which keeps you going. Or which eventually makes you so dead you surrender.

Is this a story, made up, a bag of lies.

Or is it truth, the story of life.

Helpless, tired souls cry about how the world has been taken over by steel and concrete. We celebrate all that. Because this steel, this concrete is a standing, solid example of human ingenuity and the greatness of his mind. He’s risen over preconceived notions. He has defied gravity.

Running businesses from dreary little rat holes. Never succumbing to pressure.

Books by Ayn Rand- the Fountainhead,Atlas Shrugged, We the living. They’ve been more than inspirational. They've been eye-openers and important lessons in life, and how to live it. They've been life changing.

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  1. i like that. it made me drift in depression... very fulfilling :p