Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Kraft of Living

Brisk, alive, energetic. This is Karachi.
We thrive on our ambitions and our drive to excel and achieve. We study, work hard, pave our own paths. Rely on nothing but sheer power of will. We’ve built it with our hands. And we destroy it every day, bit by bit, just as we add another brick, as we build it a little more.
We’ve lived through a lot. Entire days when the city has been under fire from elements it has nurtured and taken care of itself. Entire nights of mind shattering bomb blasts, explosions, worries, torturous memories. We’re a city of contrasts where individuals in shiny new BMWs zoom past stuttering rickshaws, minibuses bent on a spree to kill, and families of six riding on a single motor bike. This is how we have mastered the art of balancing. This is how we sway on our unsturdy foundations from being a city of lights to an abysmal state of utter darkness. This is how we live, each day, picking through the trash on roadsides, knocking on car windows for a rupee, satisfying our never ending appetites with juicy bun kababs, studying at top universities and colleges, reading, making headlines, building garage schools for the less privileged.

This is who we are. And this is how we live.

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